Too dirty dancing?

dancepiccropThere is once again criticism being voiced about the dance moves which are wildly popular on Jamaican dance floors.

The criticism comes from Margaret Macaulay, who is a Jamaican judge on the Inter- American Court, a womens rights activist, an attorney and she has also been labelled a “child lobbyist”.   She’s a pretty outspoken woman and from this photo of her in the Gleaner she looks like someone you may not want to mess with.   Read a profile of her here.

This time, the dance being singled out is called “daggerin” .  See the Youtube clip below for an illustration.  The dance basically takes it’s name as the sharp stabbing motion simulating a man and woman having sex.

Macauley’s criticism is directed at the parents of young children who are exposing their kids to the dance and who can be seen sometimes putting out these moves late at night in front of loud sound systems in ghetto areas of Kingston, Jamaica.  I myself have witnessed this on a number of occasions on Smith Lane in Kingston.

She may have a point but it doesn’t seem to amount to anything other than an opinion which will quickly disappear into the ether.  What practically can be done?  It’s only a dance after all isn’t it?

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  1. [...] rights activist condemns popular dance moves as being a bad influence children, prompting Jamaica Salt to ask: “What practically can be done? It’s only a dance after all isn’t it?” [...]

  2. Goat Mouth on

    looks like young people having great fun and being acrobatic and getting a proper physical workout at the same time. what’s the problem??

  3. nina robinson on

    Hi Goat Mouth – i think you are missing the point i am highlighting – that young kids are getting involved in the craze – is that really appropriate and what does this teach them about sexual relationships?

  4. llramrod on

    They don’t want it to bleed over into the state’s , but guest what too late. We’ve been dancing like this in the clubs for years and now that 50 thru 70′s generation are all grown up, they don’t want their kids daggering. But they done it and now it’s not cool. Who’s judging who>?

  5. Blaclion on

    Off da hook

  6. fox dane on

    i dagger and i c nothing wrong with come home from a hard day at work so u go have fun when u can.i rest my case.

  7. rianne on

    *LAUGHING OUT LOAD* we dagger in our skl ;every single boii noes bout daggering and all dey wannaa do is find a gyaldem , 2 poke there dickiesss on our arses;yh i guess its a jamacian dance but cum’on look at young kids 2dayy they bound 2 knoee the new dances rappers e.t.c lol yh dats all i gotta say let dem coz its just a fase ‘ xx

  8. paul on

    nice darty but i need to know one of the dancer

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