Buju meets gay people

buju in san fran

Back row from left: Buju's PR representative Jonathan Mack, , Bevan Dufty, Andrea Shorter, Eric Mar, Rebecca Rolfe and Tracii McGregor of Gargamel Music. Front row, Michael Petrelis and Buju. (Photo courtesy of Michael Petrelis)

Buju met these gay people in San Francisco this week.  He’s on tour at the moment in the US and he’s still getting targetted, his shows are still getting cancelled for that song he wrote when he was just 15 years old. 

According to the Observer, the meeting was ” very civil and productive”.   They are quoting the gay activist Michael Petrelis wrote all about it on his blog.

Look, I think it’s good that Buju is making the effort, even if he’s doing it under pressure, the fact that he will go and talk face to face, I think is definitely a step in the right direction.  

I don’t think he’s ever going to be able to turn things around though, he’s too  good a target for the gay rights campaign to get attention to the very big and very real problem of homophobia in Jamaica.

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  2. Mambolo on

    This is a disgrace, if Bruce Golding who is a baldhead can do and say de right ting, we never expect a man who sey him is a Rastaman to bow to babylon fe money. Fire fi Buju.

  3. Freedom on

    Those guys will sell their sole for money,Buju let mi down but i’m not surprise if you look back on a lot of jamaica’s so called entertainers the music says one thing but they are doing something else.


    Buju allegedly is now a cocaine merchant !! It will be interesting to see how these charges levelled against him in South Florida unfold. “Rasta” has woes !!

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