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On the down-low

Photo by Chrysaora

Photo by Chrysaora - Anti gay grafitti in JA

I know men who have sex with men but they hide that homosexuality by publicly having relationships (and sex) with women.  It’s called being on the down-low.

The subject has been raised by Jamaican Senator for the opposition PNP party, Sandrea Falconer who wants guys who do this, prosecuted under a new sexual offences bill going through the parliament.

She’s also concerned that the new bill is going to legalise sex between men.

What I don’t appreciate about bi-sexual men or men on the down-low is the deceit and the general pain and hurt that will inevitably come about from their actions.  However hard it is, surely it is better to be open about your sexual status than to hide it in this horrible web of lies?  Jamaican society should help them to be open rather than maintaining the hypocrisy and pretending that it doesn’s exist by driving these men further down on the down-low.


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