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Voting for the death penalty

Jamaica has ended its moratorium on the death penalty which has been in place since 1988.  Now that’s been lifted after a free vote in Jamaica’s Parliament, where 34 voted for bringing the death penalty back, 15 were against it and 10 didn’t vote either way, the nine men on death row have something to look forward to.


I personally don’t think you can link the rise in murders with the fact the death penalty was frozen but I guess we will see whether it does or not now.

I would like to hear from the shottas and the dons whether they’ll be thinking twice about whether to organise that drive by shooting now.

Is jamaica’s justice system rigorous enough and does it contain enough checks and balances to ensure that the people wrongly convicted or crimes do not lose their lives?  i know personally of two people who served sentences for crimes they did not commit.  But then, they had committed other crimes so they did not feel too aggrieved about it and they were not facing death either.

Jamaican Prison talk

Following Hurricane Gustav the guy in charge of prisons Richard Reese – wasn’t he the same guy in charge of prisons under Patterson?  i think so  – let me check – yes, he’s been in that job ages.  Anyway, he’s been looking over damage and all is well apparently.  But it made me think about some of the stories that i’ve heard about from inside GP and Fort Augustus – which is the womens’ much better than GP though.  Here a photo.  I also have had my photo taken outside …. 

GP in Kingston

GP in Kingston

All the shottas and gangsters who’ve been in there – i had to send money to guy inside there once who was doing time for another shotta.  Anyway, they are doing a project there now to get the prisoners to record audio diaries.  Here some info on it.

Another interesting thing is how they segregate the gay prisoners.  so i’m looking into this abit more because i think the issue of rape and sex-power dynamics in prisons is fascinating. Like how guys who pretend to be straight on the outside are homosexual when they’re behind bars.


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