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The Cool School Bus

Photo by Jonathan Goldberg

Photo by Jonathan Goldberg

School kids in Spanish Town are waiting around for special cool buses to get to school in the mornings.   These are the buses playing the music they like at loud volume and also have tinted glass so there are fears that there might be sex going on, on there.  It’s causing a log jam in Spanish Town in the mornings, to the extent that the police are involved – trying to get the kids to get on any transport to get them to school.

The so called “sex bus” has been in the headlines on a number of occasions – Vybz Kartel sang a song about it – and there were claims of sexual activity on buses in 2006. The practise of “lapping up” on packed buses where you have to sit on other peoples’ laps might have something to do with it (or not).

I prefer the buses playing the loud music myself, I have to say.   Better atmosphere!

In defense of the reputation of Jamaica’s buses, I would like to post this link to the bashy bus which is about spreading the AIDS awareness message.


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